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The Art Of Lighting

We have been a solution partner in the lighting of many projects until today and we have tried to provide the best support. During these processes, we realized that the most difficult issue for a company; To be able to express himself in the most correct way to the most appropriate audience rather than continuing his activities in the sector he serves ... When we decided to write "about us" for our company, which has been serving since 1982, we realized that this is not really as easy as we thought and explained to other companies. We know that promotional articles are perhaps the last section read on a website. However, every company must have a section that explains itself in some of the advertisement and promotional materials. And of course this article is extremely short and should contain clear information about the services provided.

Our Passion

Briefly for Metsan Lighting; "Turkey's Lighting Factory" can say. Because; Before everything; "We really love our job." Perhaps this is the only and only reason for our success. Because we know that; but when you love a job, you work to improve yourself and be more successful in that field. Everyone who is part of the Metsan Lighting team does their job lovingly and strives to develop in their fields. "We always turn our face out." Innovation is by researching more markets more efficiently and in detail. We maintain our own argument not only in our country but also in foreign markets. "We produce solutions, not excuses." We know very well that the job we are trying to do is a difficult job than expected. While carrying out important projects of many different companies at the same time, we encounter many problems.

No Excuses

However, instead of looking for excuses about why these problems cannot be solved, we focus on how to solve these problems. Therefore, while carrying out these projects, we produce "solutions" rather than "excuses". "We work disciplined and programmatically." Regardless of the sector you serve, no matter how your working conditions are regulated; If you want to be successful in that field, we believe that it is absolutely necessary to work in a disciplined manner within certain programs. We organize the workflow for every project we work on, and we take care to ensure that all our employees, including the project team, stick to this process. Of course, these are not all the features that make Metsan Lighting different. When you get to know us better, you can understand better why we are "different".

Lighting The Future

Metsan Lighting has been selling spot lighting, downlight product groups, panel lighting, linear lighting, street and flood lighting products to domestic market and export for 38 years. It is a preferred brand in terms of fast delivery with high quality lighting product groups. Lighting production company is one of Turkey's leading Metsan Lighting, hotel lighting, residential lighting, shop lighting, office lighting in the area is a leader in Turkey.
Led downlight lighting, led spot lighting, led panel lighting, led linear lighting, led track lighting product groups with the design and development team, using the components of the world's leading brands, offers you the best quality product.
Metsan Lighting products provide you with quality products with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 years warranty.
It provides you light comfort with wide, medium and narrow reflector angles and various optical lens options in store lighting.
It provides you with modular products as well as flat, circular, ring, square panel and linear in office lighting. You can resolve the indispensable architectural and corporate atmosphere of offices from many store lighting and office lighting groups within our organization.
Housing illuminate the Metsan Lighting leading company in the lighting, the LED downlight lighting product group, both in terms of quality and price-performance in Turkey as well as in the world is one of the leading manufacturer of LED downlights.
Our company, which has carried out important projects such as street lighting, projector products, stadium lighting, has become a well-known brand in exterior lighting with its special outdoor project designs.
Metsan Lighting, delivering high quantity lighting fixtures in a very short time such as 2-3 weeks, produces special products for projects. It makes the desired products that do not compromise on quality ready for mass production in as little as 1 month.
It provides unlimited product supply to its partners with "Exclusive Partnership" connections around the world. If you want to be a partner of Metsan Lighting in your country, you can contact us.


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